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From my first entry into the clinic, I felt that I was in safe and experienced hands. All the administration and clinical staff I encountered were most friendly, welcoming and extremely competent within their various roles.

My preliminary interview and examination with Nami was a most thorough and friendly affair; I felt that I was receiving the best of treatment from an obviously experienced and assured dental surgeon. Nami quickly established by examination and x-ray that I was in need of prolonged treatment, firstly to stabilise my dental health and then to prepare for the fitting of a number of dental implants in order to restore the required number of lost teeth.

I was most impressed with the various diagnostic, imaging and surgical methods and equipment deployed during my treatment.

At a recent check-up, Nami professed himself very satisfied with my overall dental health. The most impressive 3D digital-imaging system revealed that there was little or no bone loss and that the implants were totally secure. I must say that being able to compare ‘then and now’ images on the computer screen allowed me to see these things clearly; at once informative, reassuring and thoroughly professional.

I consider that I have received the best of treatment and the best of results. I would firmly and unhesitatingly recommend Nami to any of my friends and family who might be in need of similar, or any, dental treatment.

His air of easy professionalism, confident expertise and friendly, individual rapport with patients marks Nami as an exceptional practitioner. I have nothing but praise and sincere thanks for the manner in which he diagnosed, planned and carried out the required treatments and for the profound difference which this has made to my confidence, general well-being and long-term dental health.