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What does Surgical treatment involve?

Periodontal surgical treatment can be carried out to treat the areas of your gums that have not completely resolved after non-surgical treatment. The aim of this minor procedure is to reduce the gum pockets around your teeth by, initially, carefully lifting back your gums to expose the roots of the teeth allowing us to better visualize and remove harmful bacteria and debris. We will also carry out small alterations to the contour of the gum and bone making it easier for you to maintain the area better. Occasionanally a degree of bone grafting can be done to regenerate some of the lost tissue around your teeth.

Surgery can also be carried out to improve the appearance of your teeth. Where the contour of your gums is irregular, this can help bring the margin of your gums into line. Alternatively, in areas of gum recession tissue can be grafted to achieve better aesthetics and make it easier to clean around the area.

gum recession nami farkhondeh
gum recession nami farkhondeh 1
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