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Implant Placement

We may initially require a review visit to further discuss your treatment with you, however, at this stage we can usually proceed to placing the implant for you. This is a minor surgical procedure involving the placement of a titanium implant, which forms a replacement of your tooth root.  I use only the highest quality dental implants and this will form a strong base for your new tooth. The procedure typically results in only mild discomfort after the local anaesthetic has worn off.

Your examination will be thorough and involve an assessment of your teeth and gums. It is important to make sure you are dentally fit and able to maintain the health of your implant. We may also need to take supplementary x-rays and impressions of your teeth in order to best plan your treatment. A report will then be sent to both you and your referring dentist. It is advisable to read through these before commencing treatment and if any questions remain you can contact me to discuss.

Implant Integration

Following the placement of the implant we typically leave the implant to fully integrate for about three months. A temporary crown can be constructed at the same time and the implant loaded. I will discuss with you whether this is advisable in your case.

Implant crown or bridge construction

Once the implant or implants have fused we can then build the crown (or if more than one implant a bridge) on top. This will be carried out by our highly skilled dental laboratory, which is made to an accurate mold of your implant. At this stage your mouth will be restored with natural looking, stable and strong teeth.