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I was first referred to Nami by my regular dentist, Mr Hennie Lewis, as I had an ongoing problem with a crown which had come out on numerous occasions, and my understanding was the root had collapsed and that the only solution was to have either a crown bridged across the other teeth or his recommendation of an implant.

On my first appointment with Nami I was a little apprehensive as I am inclined to gag, but right from the start he reassured me and has been very caring throughout all this treatment.

Since the first implant I have received a second, and in each case the procedures were explained to me with the aid of the x-rays showing that on one the gum was inflamed and the surrounding bone collapsed, and the other a fine crack so that the areas had to be prepared for the implants.

At each treatment, when a very caring nurse was also present, the procedures were carried out without pain and very efficiently, and an explanation of what was going on at all times, and it was very reassuring to receive a phone call from Nami at home a day or so after each treatment, to check that everything was going well.

Since my first visit to Nami, my son David has also had an implant and my wife Gloria has been much more complex than myself, as she has had around six implants and in some of these cases was multiple teeth, and she is also extremely pleased with the care she had and the end result as she has diabetes which appeared to be effecting the gums, so she is delighted with the end result just like myself.

I find Nami to be a very kind person, taking a personal interest in our life and are many travels and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nami to friends, family or anyone needing such treatment